Turkey in November in Argentina

"Dear Yanqui Mike,
I saw your post about fresh turkeys, which I am assuming was written awhile ago. However, are you still able to get fresh turkeys? If so I am interested in probably at least 2 turkeys. Please let me know if this is possible, as I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner for about 30 people next week! 
Thanks so much!
(name withheld)"
Dear Reader,

Here´s the deal on fresh turkeys in November in Argentina:

(Full disclosure: every year I say this someone pops out from behind the nearest jacaranda and says, "I NEVER have problems getting fresh turkeys in November!")

We eat turkeys in the autumn in the US ...here too.  November, however, is the springtime here.

In autumn, turkeys that have been fattening for months on lots of lovely natural things are ...well, fat!

In spring, turkeys are skinny from the winter and, if they are hens, are settling down to a nest of eggs.  Turkey farmers are very reluctant to pull a hen off a clutch of eggs and kill her.

Most people prefer a hen (female) to a tom (male) turkey ...or so they say.  Hens are supposedly fatter, more tender, and with a better flavor.

I would suggest getting a frozen turkey here in November.  As long as it was well-frozen and maintained below 0°F, it would taste better than a fresh turkey here in November.

In fact, without any evidence to support it, I suspect that any good-tasting "fresh turkeys" you can find here in November have been frozen since last spring ...so why pay a fresh-premium for a thawed frozen turkey that you could buy at any big supermarket for much less.

Yours in art and labor,

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012
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  1. My family usually have frozen turkey every thanksgiving. I hope I can get a live one.

  2. Nice little update! I'm not American, but I know a few Americans who are currently travelling through Argentina and they managed to track down a bird too! I'll be in Puerto Madryn for Christmas, but haven't decided yet if I'll try to make my own dinner!

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