Quetec: Inflation Fighting Champion!

It´s been a year and a half since I discovered Quetec ...and they are still at it!

Please, please tell me something in Buenos Aires that hasn´t gotten more expensive in the last 18 months.  Well, Quetec is still offering their "special" of  1-½ liters of great olive oil from Mendoza for only $50 pesos.

I love their stuff ...and at that price I use it for everything.  Right now, I´m drizzling some on fish tacos!

One thing that HAS increased about Quetec: they now have 3 new locations.   Check 'em out!

Posted by yanqui mike
Friday, July 27, 2012
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  1. Ronald

    Thanks for the tip Mike! Btw, I just noticed another promo if which I'm pretty sure it's wasn't there yesterday: 5 litros por ar$158! http://www.olivaquetec.com.ar/productos-promociones-0.htm

  2. Ronald

    Is there a reason why you failed to mention those very tasteful salami's they have for sale there? Do you want them all for yourself or something? ;-)

  3. Shhhh ...not so loud. Don´t tell them about the aceitunas neither!

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