Argentines Continue to Eat Less Beef

216 pounds per person in 1958 boggles the imagination.
135 pounds per person in 2009 was still the world record.
118 pounds per person for last year is still massive
...103 lbs, however, is the all time record (1920) and we´re on track for that this year.
(US beef consumption per person peaked in 1975 at 88 lbs. and probably stands at less than 70 today.)

Sure, there are lots of reasons you can point to for the decline: high prices, short supply ...not to mention the change to feedlot beef.

If you´re a beef producer like me, however, you have to wonder, "how low can it go?"

Are Argentines simply losing interest in beef?  How 'bout you?

Posted by yanqui mike
Wednesday, January 11, 2012
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