It's Great to be Back!

Hello Mr. & Mrs. North & South America and all ships at sea!  We're back and we're back in the campo.  Spring has raised her wild green mane and every living thing is anticipating the end of old man winter.

That includes My Missus and I.  The garden beckons us while 400 pregnant cows begin giving birth all over our spread.  Our mommies are doing fine it is up to us to tend to the vegan side of the operation.  And what an operation we have planned.  Over 400 sq. yards of incredibly fenced-in garden space in the middle of  only God knows how many herbivores.

Last year was only a prelude.  This year we have lots of new technological advances ...not the least of which is the communications rig on which I am communicatin' witcha at this very moment.  Lots of back-breaking labor, as well ...all for your enjoyment!  New jury-rigged methods and theories and constructions, too!  Hilarity is guaranteed to ensue.

Plenty of updates as well on "Cafecito" and all the gang.

So stay tuned.  I'll promise you at least a little blogging almost every day ...and as winter settles-in on the majority of the English-speaking world, you can at least vicariously enjoy spring from the Yanqui Mike Open-Bar Ranch, the home of the Happy Bottom Riding Club.

We love you madly and thanks for stickin' with us.  This gonna be a great year.

Mike y Alicia

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Tuesday, September 03, 2013
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