It's Hog-Killin' Season

Well, city folks, the frost is almost on the pumpkin and the hay is almost in the barn ...and it's about time to grind-up another huge batch of breakfast sausage.

Whatever your name for this pure-pork concoction's really weird stuff here in Argentina.  For example, here in La Rep├║blica, expats seek strong spicy flavors ...and the natives adore the meaty and mild.

Even so, Midwestern and Southern US expats love this mildly seasoned stuff ...and the locals have no true equivalent in their non-spicy repertoire!

That having been said, there is no one in this great sausage-eating country who doesn't love this stuff ...even my gauchos dig it and ask for more.  That's high praise coming from what might be the most unadventurous eaters on the planet.

Gauchos, of course, don´t eat it for breakfast ...and are a little put-off by eating it in patties.  But lots of yanquis, including myself!, truly love it better in links.  I was REALLY inspired by Bratwurst Argentina at the most recent BA Underground Market!  Their links were perfectly breakfast-sized and beautiful.

And I'm gonna try some linky-citos this time!  I can't legally sell this stuff, of course ...but I can give it away!

Lemme know if you want some.

I suggest that you fry it up with eggs, grits, buttered toast, and good strong coffee!

First dibs goes to Cherie Magnus and my cast-iron skillet buddies!  Otherwise, there should be enough for quite a few other expats ...drop me a line!

Posted by yanqui mike
Monday, April 01, 2013
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2 comments for It's Hog-Killin' Season

  1. Sean in Mendoza

    I want some! :)

  2. Hey Mike,

    If you are still is sausage surplus, I would gladly take it off your hands, linked or otherwise. You can't go wrong with pure pork!!!

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