Wine Wars - Argentina vs. Chile

The Financial Times has a splendid article regarding our beloved malbec from Argentina and the Chilean wines that are much more accepted in the UK as opposed to the US.

"...but in the US, Chile means cheap and, however hard Chilean exporters try, few US wine drinkers are prepared to look to Chile for anything other than a bargain.

US wine drinkers, on the other hand, have fallen hook, line and sinker for Malbec, the emblematic red wine of Argentina and the fastest-growing varietal red in the US. Argentine Malbec offers effortless ripeness, spiciness, robust alcohol and accessibility but at a fraction of the price of a comparable California Cabernet. So in these budget-conscious times, it has been making inroads in the crucial $15-$20 (£9.50-£13) a bottle bracket. In fact, so popular has Malbec become in the US that Cahors, the once super-traditional appellation of south-west France dependent on the same grape variety, has jettisoned the local names for the grape, Cot and Auxerrois, and pinned its marketing hopes on the M-word – even erecting hoardings emblazoned with it in vineyards next to the main A20 autoroute, as I discovered this summer."

And I thought it was amazing that the Germans changed the name of the Bandonion to BandoneĆ³n!

...but the French changing the name of one of THEIR grapes to the Argentine version satisfy and entice wine drinkers?!?!

We truly live in bizarre times.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010
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